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      Greetings from the         Deptartment of Iowa's       Junior Vice Commander. I would like to extend a welcome to those of you who wish to join our Order, or those who merely seek information.  My job is to assist you in finding a Camp to join.  Merely contact a member of the Camp you wish to join, or contact me and I'll get you set up.  If there is no Camp nearby, you may wish to start a new camp with as few as FIVE members.  You do not have to have a Civil War ancestor to join a Camp.  We will do all we can to assist you.  I look forward to hearing from you.

(CHAPTER 165, LAWS OF 1884.)




            An Act to provide for the publication of names of ex-soldiers, sailors and marines

residing in Iowa.                                                                                            

SECTION 1. [Assessor shall make list of persons who served in army

or navy.]—Be it enacted by the general assembly of the state of Iowa: The assessor      

in each township shall make and deliver to the county auditor of their respective           

counties at the time of making their annual assessment in the year of 1885,                    

a corrected list of all persons who served in the United States army, navy, or marine      

corps during the war of 1812, the Mexican war, and the war of the rebellion,                  

designating the rank, company, regiment, battery, or vessel in which they served,            

and their present residence, town and county, which several lists shall be returned           

with the assessor's books to the county auditor, who shall on or before the first                

day of June, 1885, certify to the adjutant-general a true copy of said lists alphabetically  


SEC. 2. [Adjutant-general shall publish said lists: distribution.]—

The adjutant-general on receipt of said lists from the county auditors, shall proceed         

to consolidate said lists alphabetically, and publish three thousand copies in                     

book form as a roster of the ex-soldiers, sailors, and marines now residents of                   

Iowa, three copies of which shall be furnished each post of the grand army of                    

the republic in the state of Iowa, one hundred copies to, the state library for                       

«xchange with other libraries, one copy to the office of each county auditor in the              

state, the remaining books to be retained by the adjutant-general for distribution.               

SEC. 3. [Appropriation.]—There is hereby appropriated the sum of two thousand

dollars, or so much thereof as may be necessary for the purposes named in                          

this act, and all warrants against said appropriation shall be drawn by the auditor                 

of state upon the state treasurer upon the certificate of the adjutant-general.                          

                                Approved April 5, 1884.

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