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2649 182nd St

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      Greetings from the         Deptartment of Iowa's       Junior Vice Commander. I would like to extend a welcome to those of you who wish to join our Order, or those who merely seek information.  My job is to assist you in finding a Camp to join.  Merely contact a member of the Camp you wish to join, or contact me and I'll get you set up.  If there is no Camp nearby, you may wish to start a new camp with as few as FIVE members.  You do not have to have a Civil War ancestor to join a Camp.  We will do all we can to assist you.  I look forward to hearing from you.



 Department and Camp Officers

2019 - 2020

Department and Camp Job Descriptions can be found at:

Don McGuire, Department Commander

Michael W. Carr, PDC, Senior Vice Department Commander

Ken Lindblom, Junior Vice Department Commander

Dan Rittel, Department Secretary-Treasurer

          John Weeber, Assistant Department Secretary-Treasurer

Department Council:

         Danny E. Krock, PDC

         Karl Gessaman

        William McAlpine

Dennis Sasse, Department Chaplain


William McAlpine, Assistant Department Chaplain

Dan Green, Department Patriotic Instructor

Ron Rittel, PDC, Department Grand Army of the Republic Records Officer

Dan Rittel, Department Grand Army of the Republic Highway Officer

Tom Gaard, Department Civil War Memorials Officer

Roy Linn, Department Graves Registration Officer 

Tom Gaard,  Department Counselor

David Thompson, Department Eagle Scout Coordinator   

Danny E. Krock, PDC, Department ROTC/JROTC Coordinator

Danny E. Krock, PDC, Department Historian

Danny E. Krock, Department Color Bearer

Danny E. Krock, Department Guard

Dennis Gessaman, Department Guide

Danny E. Krock, PDC, Department Signals Officer (web master)

Danny E. Krock, PDC, Camp Organizer

V.P. Twombly Camp #2

Iowa City

Camp Commander       Larry McConahay

Camp Secretary           John Nichols       

Camp Treasurer           John Nichols     


William H. Kinsman Camp #23


Camp Commander      Charles Boeck    

Camp SVC                  John Butcher      

Camp JVC                   John Weeber      

Camp Secretary           Daniel Rittel      

Camp Treasurer           James Braden    

Camp Council             John Weeber      

Camp Council             Roy Linn            

Camp Council             Dennis Sasse      

Camp Chaplain           William McAlpine  

Camp Patriotic Instr.   Dennis Sasse    

Camp Graves Reg.      Roy Linn            

Camp Historian           Mike Carr           

Camp Eagle Scout       James Braden   


Curtis King Camp #37


Camp Commander      Ken Lindblom    

Camp SVC                  John Keller         

Camp JVC                   Dann Hayes                  

Camp Secretary           David Thompson  

Camp Treasurer           David Thompson

Camp Council             Danny Krock      

Camp Council             David Thompson  

Camp Council             Dennis Williams  

Camp Chaplain           Monte Aman       

Camp Patriotic Instr.   Ron Deal             

Camp Graves Reg.      Ron Deal             

Camp Memorials         Ron Deal             

Camp Historian           David Thompson  

Camp Eagle Scout       David Thompson


Grenville M. Dodge Camp #75

Des Moines

Camp Commander      Michael Freidel   

Camp SVC

Camp JVC

Camp Secretary           Joshua Dyer         

Camp Treasurer          Rodney Gaard      


Robert Mitchell Camp #206


Camp Commander      James Johnston   

Camp SVC                  Karl Geesaman   

Camp JVC                   Richard Camp     

Camp Secretary           Dennis Geesaman

Camp Treasurer           Dennis Geesaman  

Camp Council             Melvin Wittwer   

Camp Council             Dennis Amdahl   

Camp Council             Mark Steward      

Camp Chaplain

Camp Patriotic Instr.

Camp Graves Reg.      Richard Camp    

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